Once Upon a Time – Chap. 27.5

Good news: I made awesome progress on the editing/re-writing of my “finished” novel Future Memories this week! (The quotations there are due to the fact that as I’ve tackled the final editing, full chapter facelifts and the occasional hacksaw have proven to be needed).   Bad news: Awesome progress in one area does not always lead to such awesome progress in others. And so, this is a slightly shorter snippet than initially planned but it still continues with our friends where we left off:


A beetle scurried out of the hole and stopped in the middle of Seth’s chest. As it started retreating back to the safety of his body, he snatched the six-legged victim up. Another beetle crawled out and danced around his jacket buttons before making the mistake of resting in nearly the same spot as its comrade. Seth plucked this one also and happily munched away. It wasn’t until looking back at the two gawking non-zombies in front of him that he realized this may not have been the best display of manners. “Eh, sorry about that.”

Simone nodded her acceptance of the apology. “Guess I’d rather you eat bugs than brains. That being said, think I’ll go fetch that book before you grab another snack from the cracks in your cookie jar there.” She started for the stairs but paused a moment, scanning the floor. “Though if you happen to see a mouse or two, I’ll have no qualms about you assisting me with pest control.”

Mouse?” Nancy squeaked the word out (that either made you smile or wince – maybe both). He hopped back onto the first step after having just made his way off the staircase. “You don’t really have mice, do you?”

Simone patted his shoulder while skipping past him on her way up. “Don’t worry, Nancy, there’s probably only a hundred or so of them.”

A hundred?” This time the henchman’s voice nearly sounded like he sang soprano. He hopped up another step.

Seth stopped searching himself for more delectable beetles and watched him with a mixture of confusion and amusement. “Nancy, you’re a bottom of the ladder henchman for evil magicians trying to take over the world. You travel with a zombie on a mission to murder one of their enemies. Yet you’re afraid of mice?”

Nancy shook his head feverishly, eyes darting to all four corners of the room as though he expected a tiny furry army to march toward him any moment.


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  1. Ha! Indiana Jones hated snakes. Every awesome character has a weakness, even if it’s mice!

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