Once Upon a Time – Chap. 27.4


Before I show you the book, I need to know more about you two.” Simone crossed her arms. “What brought you to my house tonight?”

Nancy pouted at the question. “What do you mean? It’s dark and we had no light and—

Right, right, but why were you wandering in the woods at night with no lanterns or anything in the first place?”

We’re on a secret mission that’s none of your business and—

Bad planning,” interrupted Seth. “And since we barged into your home, feel free to ask anything you like.”

Okay, where are you headed?”

Nancy stamped his foot. “Nowhere!”

We’re making our way to the City of Fools.” Seth glared at the henchman. “To see some friends of mine.”

Friends?” Simone rose a brow. “Isn’t the City of Fools inhabited by vampires?”

Vampires?” Nancy snorted. “Of course not. Vampires, what rubbish!”

Yes, it is.” Seth flopped a hand toward Nancy. “You can just pretend like he’s not there if you like, I usually try to.”

Simone’s eyes made a slow game of ping pong between them. “So I’ve gathered you’re not the best of friends, yet you’re committed to being traveling buddies for some reason. Whatever, that’s your deal. But one of you acts so foolish I’m surprised he’s not dead yet while the other”—she cocked her head while studying Seth—“is a little too dead to be talking. I didn’t think zombies were the conversationalist sort.”

Seth glanced down around him. “Guess not. We’re admittedly a bit single minded usually.” He bent down to close the eyes of a few zombies laying face up. “One of the friends we’re making our way to see is a magician. She cast a spell that gave me my self awareness back when I was more like your other visitors and chasing her.”

Simone’s face scrunched. “That seems like an odd way to protect oneself.”

She’s not actually good at magic or self defense,” admitted Seth. “She also made it so that I couldn’t harm anything living but,” he rose and looked up at the henchman again, “some friends of Nancy’s took that particular element of her spell away.”

But you said earlier you weren’t going to eat me.” Simone rose both hands back to her pellet shooting machine again. “Rather, if you try anything, I’m sure you know I’m a girl who knows how to defend herself.”

Seth nodded at the machine. “Of that I have no doubt. But you don’t need to worry about testing your aim again, I have no intention of harming anyone,” his eyes shot back to Nancy, “here.”

Good. That means I can take care of something that’s been bugging me.” Simone carried the machine over her shoulder while skipping downstairs. “And is admittedly my fault.” She ducked into her closet, leaving the machine leaning against the wall inside while she retrieved a long wooden box. “Think this’ll support your weight?”

Sure, maybe.” The zombie gaped at what first presumption would lead to believing she held a very rectangular coffin sized for a midget. “Don’t tell me that’s a shoe box.”

Of course not.” She smiled, walking past him and pushing her box toward the empty door frame leading to the front porch. “This one’s for boots. Just be glad I didn’t throw many of those at you earlier.” Simone tapped the box’s edge with her toe. “Stand here.”

After Seth did as commanded, she gave a solid kick to the umbrella’s handle and sent it flying outside. While he caught himself by grabbing onto the door frame,  unknown parts of him flew out with the umbrella.

Nancy stepped against the wall as though he’d been in the zombie filth’s direct path. “Ewwwweee!”

Why do you think I chose to kick it out the front door?” Simone asked while smirking at him.

Thanks.” Seth turned to look at the umbrella lying on the porch behind him and then down at his body where it had been. A much larger hole now existed in its place. “Eh, I think.”



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3 responses to “Once Upon a Time – Chap. 27.4

  1. I think I need to read this from the beginning!

  2. Somehow “Simone’s face scrunched” really paints a vivid picture in my mind I soon wouldn’t forget. Great job with showing action. It’s a wonderful way to give the reader a view to your thoughts!

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