Once Upon a Time – Chap. 27.2


What do you mean you used to be a Keeper! And you’re supposed to be helping me?” Sylvia kicked at a pile of broken mirror shards, propelling even tinier pieces toward the Queen. The mirror itself and the brass frame which once held it gave a satisfying crash when Sylvia tore them off the wall a moment ago; now she wished she hadn’t expended the unneeded energy. “How can you claim to be fighting against them?”

Gwendoloena watched the glittery fragments bounce and slide across the stone floor as if waiting for every last bit to find its resting spot before speaking. “I did not say I was ever fully a Keeper, I was an apprentice.” She raised a pair of eyes to Sylvia that were strangely serene given the conversation. “But even as a mere apprentice, I once sought to rule the world. I made villages become barren. I helped create the spell that still taints the land with zombies. And I”—she turned her head sharply at the door to their right creaking open halfway and Deigen leaning in.

Pardon, Your Majesty but is everything alright?” He looked down at the broken mirror pieces scattered across the floor. “I heard some noise.”

Yes, we’re fine.” Gwendoloena rose a brow at the objects in his hand. “Eh, Deigen why have you brought those here?”

Ah, of course.” Deigen strolled in and handed the bottle to her. “Young Trevor took it upon himself to steal this from one of the special cellars as a gift for Sylvia. He thought it was wine of course.”

Sylvia stomped toward him while jabbing a finger at the Queen. “Did you know she used to be an apprentice of the Keepers?”

Why yes.” The vampire nodded toward Gwendoloena, speaking as though it were common knowledge. “She was the one they originally sent to inform us they were about to declare war on our kingdom if memory serves correctly. But anyhow,” he turned and thrust his handful of colorful blooms into Sylvia’s outstretched hand, “Trevor stole these for you as well.”

Gwendoloena placed the bottle on a table beyond her. “Thank you for checking in, Deigen.”

He made a partial bow. “Your Majesty.” Before leaving the room, Deigen turned to Sylvia again and pointed at the flowers. “I believe he’s planning to bring you chocolate next.” He rolled his eyes while closing the door. “Who knows where he’ll steal that from.”

Sylvia opened her mouth to speak but closed it almost in unison with the shutting door. Her eyes rested on the bouquet a moment before flinging it down to join the broken mirror shards.

“Your suitor may have robbed some of my best flowers but at least he had good taste.” Gwendoloena bent over to retrieve one of the largest ones, a long bloom almost as long as its stem that looked like a mauve cattail.

Sylvia bellowed out a groan and stomped on the remaining flowers. “We’re not talking about Trevor and his stupid put-together, stolen presents! We’re talking about you and the Keepers and how you used to be in training to become one of them!”

Which is how I know what they are capable of.” Gwendoloena pouted at the crushed petals and mangled stems. She rose her other hand and wiggled her fingers in the air as though she were playing an imaginary piano.

Sylvia shook her head at the nonsense until realizing the flowers under her feet were gone and now rejoined with the purple cattail, all completely revitalized to their original state.

Gwendoloena turned the stems in her hand slightly so that each flower had enough space from the other to be on full display. “But the same power for destruction also holds potential for the opposite.”


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