Once Upon a Time – Chap. 26.3

Okay, so here we are running full speed toward Christmas (only a few weeks left? How’d that happen?).  And needless to say, this time of year is becoming a little hectic. The fact I’m planning to go the homemade route for a good portion of gifts again this year will certainly lead to presents that are more heart happy and (hopefully) easier on the pocket book. I’m fully aware, however, this is not going to aid in eliminating stress or delivering me more time. That being said, a short holiday break will be in order after today’s post. When I say a short holiday break, I mean January 5th so we’ll be picking back up right after the fake tree remains are vacuumed up and the champagne glasses are resting in the sink after toasting off 2014. Hmmm, technically that means we won’t be starting back up until next year but at least next year is only around 3 weeks from now!  🙂


Sylvia rose a brow. “Why is everyone acting so strange? You told me to eat the vitamins so I did.”

But you ate the gray ones and you liked them.” Ian nearly gulped out the remaining words. “Those are brain-flavored.”

Are not!” Sylvia crossed her arms. “They taste like, well I don’t know. Like honey and raisins, and fresh cream and”—she dropped the arms back down, wiggling her nose— “Uncle Albert’s making more isn’t he?”

Deigen nodded his head toward the kitchen. “Er, he’s started but I seriously doubt he’s anywhere close to baking them.”

But I can smell them! No wait, somewhere in here.” Sylvia’s eyes darted across the room. “It’s not quite the same but it’s so close.”

Sylvia, there’s no food in here now, only the four of us. There’s nothing you could possibly”—V glanced down at the slightly perspiring human seated near her—“say Ian, have you taken liberty to bathe yet?”

Well no, I haven’t exactly been shown where the showers are here.” Ian took a whiff of his underarm as if V’s question served as a reminder. Based on his head jerk reaction, it seemed bathing was an activity he’d neglected long before deciding to walk through a portal appearing in his closet. “Smell that bad do I?”

No, you smell wonderful!” said Sylvia, scooting her chair closer and leaning toward him nose first.

Ian scooted his chair back further, whimpering like a scared mouse that knew it just gained the unwanted attention of a hawk. Sylvia likewise scooted forward again and the two continued a slow speed, squeaky chase until Ian darted out of his chair and ran toward the other side of the table. Sylvia abandoned her chair as well to maintain pursuit, rushing by a confused Deigen who watched their race with the horrified bewilderment of knowing this was just not the way things were supposed to work. V again appeared more ready to take hold of the situation, waiting until Ian passed by before halting Sylvia with his raised sword.

Don’t let her eat me!” Ian partially ducked under the table, making sure to stay close behind V. “Why am I even saying that? Why is the normal human person chasing me and a vampire trying to shield me from danger? Why is there a zombie uncle baking miniature vitamin cookies in the kitchen?” He ducked further under the table until only his white knuckled fingers remained visible. “I hate this place, I want to go home!

Meanwhile V sidestepped as Sylvia attempted to dash around him. “I believe good lady”—he lowered his sword to aim the blade directly toward her—“it is quite time you and the Queen had another meeting.”


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