Once Upon a Time – Chap. 25.9



For whatever reason, seeing over a dozen zombies edging their way into her home made Simone suddenly decide she should regather the shoes she’d thrown. She hastily ran about the living room, collecting them in her arms. The Keepers’ henchman chose to remain completely still, staring gape mouthed at the small mob of undead.

Seth shoved one of his zombie brethren back out the front door while turning to yell at the two living people about to become dinner. “Tidying up the room and standing like a blasted statue are not how you protect yourselves in this situation!”

Simone picked up what she apparently considered the last shoe she needed to save from the approaching zombie invasion and sprinted to the top of the stairs.

That’s better!” called out Seth in relief. He looked back at the immobile henchman. “Nancy, grab your sword already!”

I don’t have a sword,” he whined back. “And my name isn’t Nancy!”

Oh, now you care about names?” Seth pushed two more zombies back. “And how can you not have a sword? What did you plan to defend yourself with while traveling?”

I can’t fight, I’ve never used a weapon!” Nancy crouched on the floor, nearly assuming a fetal position. “That’s why the Keepers sent me with you, they knew I wouldn’t chop your head off before you had a chance to finish the job they gave you to do!”

Seth flopped his arms. “Well isn’t that just wonderful. What kind of henchman can’t attack anything?” In the next instant, he stepped to the side to miss being hit by a yellow high heeled boot flying down from the staircase. The boot clocked one of the doorway zombies in the head but did little to actually stop the fellow from continuing his approach. A handful of other shoes sailing down continued to do nothing other than prove Simone had exceptional aim. Seth motioned to the zombies she hit, each still marching forward. “Not helping, Simone! Please tell me you have a sword.”

A sword no but”—Simone dropped the rest of her footwear artillery and snapped her fingers—“this is a perfect time to try out that pellet machine I’ve been working on, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before!”

As she raced into a room somewhere on the second level, Seth shook his head. “Your what?”

Ahhhhh, help, help!” cried Nancy, wrestling on the floor with a zombie that managed to get past Seth’s failing guard. “I don’t want to be eaten!”

Well, you’re doing a pretty sorry job at preventing that.” Seth pulled the zombie off him, only narrowly keeping the hungry monster from making a fatal chomp into Nancy’s throat. “Stop rolling around on the floor and go upstairs, the least you could do is try to protect Simone.”

However, as mousy and frightened as she’d been upon first meeting her, it no longer appeared Simone needed much protection. A deafening noise erupted from the top of the stairs, followed by the zombie still restrained by Seth’s grasp suddenly becoming completely limp. Confused, Seth stepped back and let it fall to the floor. A tiny circular hole resided in the center of the man’s forehead, who now lay in a snow angel formation – and every bit as dead as he was supposed to be. Seth looked up at Simone to find her leaning over the railing and holding a long metal tube attached to a wooden handle. The metal component appeared hallow, having a hole at the end while the handle had a tiny lever of some sort where her forefinger rested.

The metal tube weapon somehow took down three more zombies, though Seth still had no clue how. He surmised it had something to do with the loud noise it made, though further inspection of the fallen bodies showed they also had little holes in their heads.

Seth, stop moving around so much done there!” Simone yelled at him from her post. “You’ll get in the way!”

Of what?” Seth did a slow whirl around which, combined with his lack balance, made him look like he was doing the hokey pokey. He stopped to look at her again while pointing at the extra-dead zombies. “And how is that contraption’s noise managing to render them lifeless?”

Magic, how else?” shouted Nancy enthusiastically. He finally followed Seth’s instruction to run up the stairs but stopped halfway to gaze at Simone with admiration. “Why, I bet you share lineage with the Keepers! How else could you be a powerful enough magician to take down foes with mere sound!”

Yep Nancy, you guessed it.” Simone raised her weapon to take aim at another zombie. “I’m obviously a magician.”


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