Once Upon a Time – Chap. 25.8


Seth caught the shoe sailing in the air toward him and let it drop to his feet. “I’m not going to eat you in case you haven’t figured that out by now!”

Then what do you want?” the woman shouted back.

Seth’s traveling companion thumbed toward the gapping hole replacing her front door, which only showed a curtain of black on the other side. “A torch, a lantern, a candle, anything to get us through these dark as pitch woods!”

The woman looked back and forth between them, poking her head out from the closet. “And then you’ll leave?”

Seth made another feeble attempt to dislodge the umbrella from his midsection before nodding. “Yes.” He narrowed his eyes at the Keepers’ henchman, who now stood on top of the door he’d torn down. “And after a certain someone fixes a certain something.”

Forget the blasted door, I’ll fix it myself!” The woman raced from her hiding hole to the staircase. “I’ve got plenty of spare lanterns up here, I’ll grab one for the both of you!” Seconds later she bolted back down while carrying two lanterns, thrusting them into either of Seth’s hands. Clearly she was in complete agreement that sending her guests on their way as quickly as possible would be in the best interest of everyone.

Seth made another partial bow, feeling slightly ridiculous doing so with the umbrella sticking out of him. “Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Many thanks Miss eh – sorry, what would your name be?”

The woman hesitated for a moment but finally let her guard down again. “Simone.”

Pleasure to meet you, Simone,” said the zombie, nodding his head towards her. “My name is Seth and this is”—he looked over at the traveling companion, who seemed content to just stare back in response—“well, to be honest, I don’t know his name.” He glanced up at the potato induced lighting overhead. “I take it you’re something of an inventor?”

Simone followed his eyes, a smile of pride creeping up her face. “Guess you could say that.”

Let me take another guess,” said Seth while setting down the lanterns, “Did your father or great grandsomebody came from another world?”

The smile contorted to a confused pout. “Um no. Why would you think that?”

Never mind.” He shook his head. “Thought you might share a similar story as a few friends of mine.”

This conversation is charming, really but”—the henchman pointed at the lanterns—“I assume those have oil in them so can we be getting on our way again?”

They’re filled to the brim, should still lit even if you two travel the whole night.” Simone raised a brow at the man while looking him over. “That robe you’re wearing looks familiar for some reason, what is your name?”

The henchman crossed his arms. “I tell that to no one.”

Seth shrugged. “That’s pretty much the answer I’ve gotten every time I tried getting it out of him.”

Okay fine.” Simone rolled her eyes at the man. “I’ll just call you Nancy then.” As she turned to look back at Seth, her face took on one of horror. Despite having chatted with him for the past five minutes or so, she now raised a shaky hand at him and screamed.

I thought we’d been through this already,” said Seth. “I’m a zombie but I’m not going to attack you.”

What about the ones behind you!” yelled Simone while backing away.

Seth slowly turned to find the doorway now full of zombies, every one of them looking in with a crazed look of hunger he knew all too well. “Oh. Yes. They possibly definitely will.”


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