Once Upon a Time – Chap. 25.7

Seth_with_umbrella_coloredTechnically, I guess this week’s post is being made about an hour before Sunday thanks to Daylight Saving Time (or, really, the end of it since we’re “falling back”).  But hey, I never complain about gaining an extra hour of sleep so I’m all for it. Now “springing forward” later in the year, that’s a different story, I always feel like I got robbed an hour of my weekend. But enough yapping about what direction the poor confused clock is being told to go, on with our snippet!

In the next instant, Seth found himself fending off an attack of flying shoes while the woman frantically grabbed from the arsenal surrounding her feet and hurled them like fashionable torpedoes. They were the only weapons she had at her disposal in the closet but she used them well, clocking Seth several times in the head.

Hey!” The zombie raised his hands up in a feeble attempt to protect himself. As he shuffled his feet about, he tripped on one of the shoes now lying in front on him and he began to fall toward the woman. Still assuming she was under attack, she screamed and grabbed a closed umbrella from the closet. She thrust it into Seth like a makeshift sword, causing him to lurch back again. Unfortunately, the umbrella also had a pointed end and managed to push through both his jacket and the open wound that resulted in his death the last time an actual sword went through him.

Seth regained his footing again after stumbling back to the middle of the room and looked down at the umbrella sticking out of his chest from either side. His fingers accidentally pressed a button at the bottom of the handle while trying free himself and the umbrella flew open but remained attached. While the handle stuck out from Seth’s front, the open umbrella’s lovely spring green fabric now shielded his back as though he were some sort of zombie turtle. Looking back at the woman still playing peekaboo in her closet, he flopped his arms in exasperation. “You really, really didn’t need to do that.”

The Keepers’ minion chuckled. “But at least now you’re ready for rain.”

The woman screamed again and threw her last remaining shoe at Seth. She seemed to have forgotten it was the living person without an umbrella sticking out of them who wrecked her front door and had thrown all the closet’s other belongings on the floor.



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2 responses to “Once Upon a Time – Chap. 25.7

  1. I must say, your stories are great, but your artwork is fun as well! Keep up the great work. Will you be publishing any of it?

    • Thanks! 🙂 I suppose the short answer to publishing is yes, though both my writing and editing tend to move at the speed of a zombie. A zombie missing a leg and hopping through the mud (but a persistent one nonetheless).

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