Once Upon a Time – Chap. 25.4

Dear readers, I admit this is a bit shorter than usual but this has been a week lacking in writing time.  Not a bad week, mind you, but certainly one in which it seemed there must be a day missing somehow. With company from out of town staying with us next weekend and the crazy cleaning/preparation that shall ensue beforehand, I will admit next Sunday’s snippet may be more of a snip as well.  But even if it is in occasional paragraph form, I swear there won’t be anymore long breaks as we had before/during our move. Or to put a more British spin on things, there shan’t be anymore unbearably long breaks.  (I’m not entirely sure why I felt compelled to add that part in other than it is way past my bedtime). Anyhoo, on with the snippet!:


Wonderful, now it’s locked!” The Keepers’ henchman tossed his rock back into the yard. “Now how are we supposed to get inside?”

Seth glanced over at him. “I might be the zombie but I’m pretty sure it’s your fault our potential hostess ran away. What exactly was the brilliance behind threatening her to hand over a light source or risk property damage?”

The man crossed his arms. “I was trying to speed things along.”

Great job.” Though certain it would prove a futile effort, Seth attempted another friendly ‘we mean you know harm’ knock.

After about a minute of waiting with no response, his companion again decided on a different approach and barged into the door shoulder-first. Not only did the portly minion manage to bash through the door (which admittedly wasn’t much of a surprise given his obstacle’s condition) but the door busted entirely off its hinges. Seth watched with mild amusement while the man slid into the house upon his makeshift surfing board.

Well, I’ve got to hand it to you”—Seth ambled into the living room, taking care to step over several chunks of broken wood in his path—“we made it inside.”


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