Once Upon a Time – Chap. 25.1


Stop getting your feathers in a ruff, this will get us there just a quick and probably even quicker. Besides, someone might try to chop my head off if they see me stumbling around near the main roads.” Ordinarily, Seth would have felt foolish defending his decision against a squawking bird; given that he’d seen this particular bird change into a person and then back again twice since the Keepers made them traveling companions, little reason presented itself not to argue back.

Whether the bird was a crow or a raven still eluded Seth; identifying various types of fowl and fauna never held great importance for him before becoming a zombie. Now that everything living also equaled food, the actual type of anything really didn’t matter at all. Whatever sort of bird this was, it was not the least bit happy about him choosing to detour through the woods while making their way to that castle of vampires. What was it called again? Fool Kingdom? Kingdom of Foolishness? Again, the matter was a small one to Seth unless it involved eating.

He stopped for a moment, remembering that he could eat again. Any living thing, not just fish. With a few words of mumbo jumbo, Serena had somehow overwritten that protective element of Sylvia’s spell on him. His ability to think rationally and still distinguish right from wrong, however, had been left intact. With the grim mission of needing to murder and steal in his near future, he greatly wished Serena had simply let him revert back to a typical, mindless zombie that couldn’t be blamed for his actions.

Cwaaa Cwaaa Cwaaaaaaa!” The bird hopped back and forth between two low lying branches, now more furious by the fact they’d ceased moving entirely.

Seth remained still aside from his eyes rising up to deliver an annoyed glare. “The Keepers sent you with me to make sure I did my part of Serena’s little bargain but I don’t recall any orders for you to return back to them. Did I ever mention my favorite food when I was living was chicken?”

At this, his flying traveling companion chose to become a tad more reasonable.


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  1. I love how you played with the idea, wondering what type of bird it was. It made for some great inner analysis…and also made for some fun thoughts! 🙂

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