Once Upon a Time – Chap. 24.2


Pricked your finger on a rose?” V spoke the word rose with such an exaggerated tone of incredulity, it would be easy to assume he simply hated flowers. “A rose you found in a swamp, where such things normally do not grow? One which only appeared after trying foolish business with the puzzle that you should not have?” He leaned closer to Gwendoloena. “What sort of monster do you suppose she’ll become your Majesty?”

Monster?” Sylvia strapped both hands to her hips. “Now wait just a minute! Who said anything about me turning into some kind of monster just because I pricked my finger and didn’t like your breakfast?”

The Queen shook her head to V’s question, seeming to ignore Sylvia’s. “I’m not certain she’ll become one, certainly there should be symptoms to go with being unable to eat normal food by now.” Gwendoloena stepped forward and peered at Sylvia like a cautiously curious scientist who’d come across a new variety of poisonous insect. “If she were becoming a zombie she’d be trying to eat someone. Vampire, she’d have fangs. No signs of unusual hair growth so not a werewolf. Tell me dear, are your hands becoming webbed by any chance?”

Even though Sylvia knew the answer, the Queen’s bizarre question caused her to wiggle her fingers and glance down just to check. “Um, no.”

Gwendoloena nodded. “Good, then you’re not going to become a magyr.”

Sylvia’s brows rose. “A what?”

A really ugly mermaid,” explained V. “Though I believe you would also be forming a beak if your destiny was become such horrid creature.” A knock at the door interrupted the vampire before he could continuing sharing his wisdom regarding less than lovely fish people. He turned sharply, calling to their unknown visitor. “Yes?”

Deigen poked his head in, searching the room for Gwendoloena before speaking. “Pardon, Your Majesty, but is it safe for the living ones to enter?” He paused as a frightened Trevor popped his head in just under him; Deigen glanced down. “One of them has something he wishes to share.”

Gwendoloena nodded. “Send him in.”

Trevor practically tip-toed into the room as though he were certain one of its inhabitants would pounce on him. After a few seconds of realizing he truly wasn’t going to be devoured by anyone, he relaxed enough to resume his courting attempts from earlier. “Hi there, fair Sylvia, how are you, milady?”

She shrugged. “Apparently I’m not going to turn into a gruesome monster.”

Trevor gave a friendly, albeit rather creepy, smile. “That’s good. But I bet you’d make a really pretty monster if you ever did become one.”

Trevor, you have news,” Uncle Albert curtly reminded him. He did not sound particularly thrilled with the former henchman’s interest in his niece.

Oh, right.” Trevor turned to the Queen. “I’m not sure how much this matters, but the Keepers are turning all the villagers they capture into birds.”

Trevor, I’m fairly certain that information is supposed to be shared with us a tad later,” said Gwendoloena.

I know but I think the author is trying to speed that particular part up a bit. It’s hard to control pacing when you’re typing the rough draft in small increments on a blog once a week.”

V’s brow furrowed. “What’s a blog?”

You know what?” Trevor copied his expression while thinking about it. “I’m not sure. I don’t even really understand half of what I just said to be honest. Though a blog definitely sounds like another kind of monster.”

Turning into birds…” Gwendoloena mumbled the words to herself. She seemed little relieved by this new information she’d now been provided about a chapter or two early than the author’s outline. “How soon before Seth makes his way here?”

Well, assuming he’s keeping the same pace I would just going by foot”—Uncle Albert shrugged while considering the rampant speed of zombie travel—“probably another full day.”

Gwendoloena turned back to the window as though she could already see Seth shuffling to the castle gates. “I fear he may not be traveling alone.”


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  1. “Though a blog definitely sounds like another kind of monster.” Yes, I would definitely think it being worse than a zombie and more horrifying than a vampire! 😉

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