Once Upon a Time – Chap. 24.1


Spitting out her breakfast certainly presented a fair amount of embarrassment for Sylvia but she hardly could have been prepared for all the hubbub her actions caused. Following unnerving stares from everyone, the Queen demanded to know what was wrong with the food. Upon Sylvia admitting everything tasted unbearably bitter or sour, the vampires practically made it their mission to quarantine her from the other living people around her. She now found herself in an empty, unfamiliar room somewhere on the castle’s second floor, with a single window. Only Uncle Albert, the Queen, and V shared the massive empty space with her, the latter two keeping their distance. This all seemed a tad extreme to Sylvia considering she’d only projected a mouthful of eggs across the table but apparently bad manners were not taken lightly in the Kingdom of Fools. It also appeared the Queen was finally ready to have their promised talk.

Gwendoloena stared out the window, speaking with her back turned to Sylvia. “You lied about the pendant puzzle, my dear.”

Lied?” Sylvia’s brow furrowed at the accusation. “Your Majesty, I admit trying to steal it was wrong but I never lied about that. Everyone knew-

You lied when I asked if you’d attempted any magic with it. Perhaps you tried something in the swamp?” Gwendoloena turned to face her. Though she still held a nearly blank expression, the Queen’s voice sounded as though she were on the verge of throwing a chair (if there happened to be a chair in the poor bare room). “Exactly when did food begin tasting different to you?”

Sylvia opened her mouth but couldn’t formulate her thoughts well enough to even utter a word. The overly dramatic reaction to this whole situation still confused her to no end. She lowered her eyes to the floor.

Sylvia!” Uncle Albert snapped at her, though this was likely more due to the appearance of her once again being rude. “Please be so kind as to answer, young lady!”

Not-not until this morning,” she stammered out, daring to meet the Queen’s gaze again. “Everything tasted fine until now. And I didn’t try anything in the swamp, not really. Well, I did, but then there was this rose that appeared and then I pricked my finger and-” Sylvia decided to clamp her lips shut before spewing out anymore nonsense. At this point, even Trevor’s blubbering mouth would sound more intelligible or at least make sense.


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