Boxes upacked? Check. Internet set up? Check. Julie Job? Check!

Ahhh, finally the pieces of the puzzle all fall in place…

My husband and I ventured to the Department of Driver Services last Tuesday to get our Georgia driver’s licenses; 3 1/2 hours later, we succeeded in our mission. We later learned this had less to do with moving near a city that has a metro population of 400,000-something people but more a result of us choosing to go on one of the days that week when there was a glitch in the computer system. The wait itself was a little more bearable thanks to some Asian guy singing show tunes and the Star Spangled Banner in the waiting area at random intervals. I learned from the customer service rep who took my glamor girl mug shot that the guy wasn’t there to get a license at all, he just shows up from time to time and sings. He definitely made the short eternity  more interesting so thanks Mr. Random Singing Asian Man! You made a gloomy chore a bit more memorable.

As a much more important part of the puzzle, I reported to work at 8:30am yesterday and began joining the ranks of the gainfully employed again! I interviewed last Wednesday for a temp-to-perm office admin job and got the offer call Friday morning. This was ironically just after my job seeker’s meetup so there were probably a few folks wondering why they saw a crazy woman skipping her way to the parking deck. Me and Mr. Random Singing Asian Man could have done a duet at that point and it would have looked just as normal (though unlike me, Mr. Random Singing Asian Man can carry a tune). I’ll admit, I had more than a wee bit of nativity in thinking I’d just stroll on down to Georgia and snag a job in a few days. That being said, I have absolutely no delusions of this being a feat accomplished solely by yours truly. God gets all the glory on this. I just showed up in a nice suit and too much hairspray.

Annnnd, you know what Julie being gainfully employed means awesome, incredibly patient readers – our dear Sylvia and her friends can continue on their journey! Now, as I mentioned in my last post, a bit of a re-cap is in order since it’s been so long since we last left off (did I mention you’re awesome?). So this coming Sunday, I’ll have a post that does just that and then we’ll start back up with our weekly snippets again every Sunday afterward.And since we got our Internet set up yesterday and my scanner is sitting pretty next to the computer, we’ll be back to having artwork that’s a tad more interesting than freebie clip art you’ve been seeing. For now, however, I’ve got to start making the motions toward beddy bye since I’ve got work in the morning.

Man, that’s so awesome!  🙂


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