Annnnd we’re back….sort of….well no, not really just yet.

Hello wonderful readers – if I even still have any left after a (gulp) three month hiatus!  When we last left our courageous young heroine – oh, nope wait a minute, we last left off not with Sylvia and her adventures but with my upcoming move. Okay, rewind. When we last left our neurotic young(ish) blogger, she was preparing to move from Raleigh, NC to Marietta, GA, a mighty epic crazy driverjourney of just over six hours! Well, it ends up being seven or eight once you factor in things like bathroom breaks, lunch, and traffic. Trust me, it feels epic by the time you’re done driving.

At this point the move is, well, the big move day hasn’t happened yet…but it’s coming close! July 13th is when my wonderful family helps me and Isaac pack all of our everything (hopefully packing the bulk of the heavy stuff the day before) and trek down yonder to the Peach State. As it probably goes without saying, we did find a new abode. I almost wrote a post about our misadventures in actually seeking the future abode but life and trying to wrap things up at work intervened. Let’s just say there was at least one location in which we ended up doing a drive-by-viewing after Isaac turned to me with a raised brow and said “We’re in agreement about this place,guard cat right?”  But fortunately our future Georgia home is a lovely little condo with no threat of drug lords living next door. This is good, because we have two cats rather than a dog and I’m not sure either would really offer much warning beyond purring really loud.

And I must say, the floor is as cozy as a floor can be. You see, even though we don’t officially move down til next Saturday, I came down this Monday with a carload of whatever I could fit in my car and have been sleeping campfire style with a sleeping bag and blankets all week (I have a Mitsubishi Lancer, so it’s kinda hard to squeeze a bed in there). I came down early in attempt to take care of the one remaining ball still up in the air. Husband job: Check! Secure a place to live so we’re not moving into a cardboard box or hotel? Check! Me job? Oh….no. No check. work for peanuts

The thing is, I did this the right way (supposedly). I started looking for a job back in late April when I made my last post here. And the plan was to have a job in hand by the time we got to this point. I suppose one of the snags leading to my current predicament is the fact that, while I have about six years of experience working in the human services field, I want absolutely nothing to do with that right now. As I told a friend a while back, I pretty much got burnt out a long time ago and just kept on going. And now I want something, nearly anything different. But that something right now is a question mark and that question mark needs to pay enough to help keep the lights on and the gas going.

So what does one do when they don’t want to do what they’ve been doing for nearly a decade and don’t particularly have enough confidence in their skills as an animator to just rely on their degree? They make friends with the local staffing agencies. They apply for things like “new jobVisual Merchandiser” at Home Depot (which actually requires a Bachelor’s degree and experience working with graphics, so I’m pretty sure they had me in mind when they came up with that job). They sign up for the “Atlanta Job Seekers” Meetup group and look forward to an upcoming job fair happening next Tuesday. As a side note, I tried to attend the bloody Job Seekers meeting this morning and no one was there. Either I was in the wrong place or everyone in the group already got jobs. Or more likely, the 4th of July and everyone’s travel plans intervened.peanut butter sandwich

I am finding I’m not used to NOT working at an actual job 40-50 hours a week. I also am not very good at doing this application/resume song and dance without panicking. But God is good and something will prevail. And as I continue the job hunt and even when that whatever job is secured and finances begin to settle back into their happy zone, God will provide. It might mean dinner is a peanut butter sandwich instead of a steak, but manna is manna.

This does mean, however, dear readers that there will still be a (hopefully brief) delay in getting started back up with the regular story posts. For until I’m gainfully employed, I can’t rationalize any focus on stories and novels just yet. No need to actually become a starving artist. And it would be quite difficult to scan in any of my drawings and color them without power. I apologize for the utterly unimpressive free freeimages in this post by the way, the scanner didn’t come with me and there’s no Internet at the condo just yet (which will be the absolute last ball to fall in place). Hooray for my husband’s laptop and free Wi-Fi at Starbucks!

I realize once we get started back up, a re-cap of sorts will be in order (to be honest, I’ll need a recap just as much as anyone else). But like the 13th, my first day at [insert name here] will arrive and everything will start to fall back into place. Patience dear ones, patience.

Yeah, I know, poor Seth is stumbling about in the forest trying to make his way from the Keepers’ castle at this point wondering “Is she ever going to get back and finish this story or am I going to be stuck here forever?”

Patience dear, Seth, patience.


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  1. Look forward to where Seth ends up and how Sylvia deals with her predicament. 😀

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