Once Upon a Time – Chap. 19.5

Yes, yes I know – barely a few paragraphs for today’s continuation of our story. But I have ailments such as this past week’s monster cold to blame, which ended off with a lovely case of “frog voice” and then nearly progressed to no voice at all. My husband received a mighty wallop for his comment that my near-mute state at least provided him some relief. This combined with unexpected chores such as cleaning cat blood and fur from around the computer desk did not provide any additional time that wasn’t already spent trying to recuperate from being congested and nearly voiceless. The actual event leading to this necessary sanitation was not as dire as it may seem. One of our cat daughters managed to get a nasty little gash on her ear and decided to hop on the one area in the bedroom with all the electronics and scratch at said ear before any mending on our part could be done. Both cat and computer are now fine. This all again, did not do wonders for any progression to be made in the realm of writing.  But while this snippet is certainly more of a snippet than I initially planned, I hope you still enjoy! And if you haven’t already done so recently, go pour yourself a mighty glass of OJ – even if it doesn’t prevent catching a monster cold like mine, at least you won’t have to worry about scurvy.


Seth jerked the hand back. “No. My life should have ended already when I was killed on the road. It’s your magic that has me in my gruesome current state, not hers. And I won’t make myself into being a pawn for murder.”

“Mmmmm, yes, I think you will.” Serena took on a look of mock thoughtfulness, arching her eyebrows. “Look above you, Seth. You’ll find the villagers you’ve been so searching for.”

Puzzled, Seth did as commanded but only saw birds overhead. Several, possibly thousands, flying in intertwining circles like a feathery cyclone. From what he could tell, they were all pitch black, possibly some type of raven or crow. Even from their distance, he could tell they differed in size; some plump and unusually large while others appeared small enough to have just learned to master the sky. Squinting his eyes, Seth was certain he saw some sort of bluish light outlining the bizarre flight pattern.

“You see those two little ones bobbing up and down in one of the center circles?” asked Serena, pointing toward the birds. “I believe that’s Megan and Arthur.”

Seth’s face shot back down. “That’s the children?”

Serena shrugged, still keeping her arm raised. “That’s my best guess. It’s so hard to tell who’s who really. But this-” she waited patiently while one of the larger birds flew out of the synchronized marching order of its comrades to perch on her outstretched wrist, “-is your new friend.”


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  1. A shot of brandy, water and teaspoon of honey would help soothe the throat 😉 My preferred option to medication.

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