Once Upon a Time – Chap. 19.2


Not possessing the arm strength (or even a weapon) for properly chopping off heads, Seth saw only two options regarding how to dispose of the zombies.

The first was travel as much on the main road as he could and hope a few seasoned travelers crossed their path. He figured if he hid behind a tree or just stayed out of the way, everyone else in the group would become beheaded and the travelers would continue onwards as though they’d encountered a minor roadblock. However if it happened to be less seasoned travelers they ran into, Seth knew he’d only end up having to deal with more zombies.

The alternative was traveling through the forest and outlining countryside, in which case the four-legged variety of walking food should be abundant enough to grab the zombies’ attention while he sneaked away. Seth nodded to himself, considering this second choice the best one for both the zombies and those who may prefer not to become one. Even if they shambled onto a farm, livestock were meant to be eaten and farmers in these parts were likely as used to fending off undead from their cattle as they were gophers from the garden.

Just a few feet outside the castle, he heard a familiar voice above them that signified his itinerary for the zombie tour group would need to wait. “Well my goodness, what a cute little game of “follow the leader” we have here!”

Seth and his companions looked up, trying to pinpoint their audience. He found Serena and the other remaining Keeper standing on a balcony just over the castle’s main entryway. Judging from the more crooked bangs of the zombie Keeper, Seth’s best guess was that the living one above them must be Marius but he really had no idea. Standing between the Keepers were three men dressed in plain tunics and pants. Seth immediately recognized the trio as the same three guards he and the vampires locked in a closet earlier after stealing their cloaks.

Where are the children?” he called out, noticing Megan and Arthur were nowhere to be seen.

Serena leaned over the stone wall in front of her. “They’re safe enough. Where are your friends?”

Safe enough,” echoed Seth.

Even from his distance away, he could see a sly grin creeping over her face. Her choice to wear red lipstick bright enough to have been stolen from a carnival clown helped with this. “Oh, I don’t think so,” she cooed while giving a nod to her associate. “In fact, I bet-”, the grin became a grimace as the other Keeper dug his hand into a large pocket on his robe only to find it empty. He moved on to another pocket while Serena continued, “-that they will soon find themselves-” the grimace became a pout followed by a look of complete alarm upon realizing whatever was supposed to be in the pockets must have fallen out.

It’s gone!” yelled the other Keeper, holding both his empty hands out.

Serena quickly began searching herself as though the skin-tight gown she wore were even capable of having pockets. “Where is it?!”

Seth watched this little search dance rather perplexed for a moment until he remembered seeing Sylvia’s monkey jump into the ship with the Keepers’ medallion earlier. He laughed. “Missing something I take it? Looks like my friends took a little souvenir with them.”

Both Keepers snapped attention toward him and Seth immediately wished he hadn’t said the last part. “Or maybe your stone puzzle is still in the artifact room, who really knows? Guess you’ll be off looking for it and I’ll be on my way.”

As he turned to leave, he heard Serena call out behind him, “Oh no, I don’t think it’s quite time for you to go yet, my friend.”

Seth chose to ignore the comment but found it rather difficult to do so. This was largely due to the fact that he suddenly found himself trapped inside a large bubble. The additional fact that this same bubble now slowly rose up to the balcony where Serena and the others stood did not help matters.


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