Once Upon a Time – Chap. 18.6


Another attack from the Keepers raced toward them, this one directly for the ship. This had potential to be more than a bit problematic considering the strange electric nature of the blast and the metallic construction of the ship. Fortunately, Uncle Albert had made preparations for traveling in inclement weather. He whirled back to face his passengers. “V, Deigen, sit in the seats with your legs off the ship’s floor and hold onto Bastiick and Trevor. Don’t let them touch anything metal. And oh, everyone watch your heads!”

Both vampires did as instructed while a metal roof slid over to enclose them in the ship. Neither they nor the humans they held on to had much clue why they suddenly needed to be surrounded by more metal and yet were forbidden to touch any of it. A second later when the ship crackled with the sound of an electric current riding through it, all four caught on pretty quick. Trevor went from being terrified of the vampire in his seat to tightly wrapping his legs and arms around him.

Can someone put me back on the ceiling please?” grumbled V through the sleeved arm of the man he unwillingly held.

The spell affecting Bastiick showed a positive consequence in that he simply spoke about how wonderful the Keepers were for attacking them while Deigen guarded him from certain death. Seth, however, shared some of Trevor’s anxiety and tried to scrunch himself up further in the seat he shared with Uncle Albert.

Seth, it’s not going to harm you or I any more than it would a dead mouse.” Uncle Albert pushed the other zombie away while the front of ship emanated alarming sounds followed by a rattle that shook everyone on board. “Now give me a little space to operate the controls, my ship doesn’t seem to be in favor of that lightning bolt either.” He punched several buttons on the panel in front of him and pulled up a lever. “There, that should put us back in order. And now I believe it should be safe enough to lower the roof again and make it so we can see again.”

We’re still flying and you can’t see where you’re going!” yelled Deigen.

Well, can you see through a solid chunk of metal?” asked Uncle Albert, pressing another button to bring the roof back in. “I should think not. I was going to install a window, just haven’t had time. This experience has shown that to be a rather important feature however.”

You think?” asked V, pulling Trevor’s arm down so he could speak. The vampire looked around the room where the many guards and three Keepers stood waiting to continue the fight. Or rather where the many guards and three Keepers had stood. “Albert, what exactly did you manage to do while flying around blind?”

I’m not certain,” admitted the zombie pilot, looking about the room with surprise while the ship now hovered about a foot off the floor. Nearly all the guards were now lying unconscious, along with one of the Keepers; the other two were nowhere to be seen. He caught sight of his niece, standing with her arms crossed in the center of the room. “Sylvia dear, what happened?”

Well after that last blast of magic bounced off the ship and struck the Keeper who sent it toward you, Serena and the other one ran off. Then you nearly crashed into the floor, rammed the ship into half the guards while flying sideways, almost hit me in the process-” Sylvia took a breath to continue, “-and then you took that metal roof back down. You might want to put a window on that thing.”

Uncle Albert snapped his fingers. “Yes, we were just talking about that. I was also thinking about adding some sort of flotation device on the inside just in case-”

Can we discuss the interior design of your ship a little later?” interrupted V, pushing Trevor off of him now that being electrocuted was no longer an immediate concern.


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