Once Upon a Time – Chap. 18.5


And just what is this?” Serena shouted, gawking at Uncle Albert’s unusual transportation. Though she still maintained the authoritative tone of a displeased wicked leader, her face conveyed that she truly wanted someone to explain what in the world she was looking at. Her eyes narrowed upon realizing one of the passengers was familiar. “Trevor, why are you in that flying metal cage!”

Forgive me, madam,” Trevor’s voice shrilled, “but the man you sent us to kill was already dead and the pendant fragment stolen before we arrived.”

That does not explain why you are now hovering above me!” Serena’s brow rose. “And where are the two guards who went with you?”

Trevor took a moment to glance at the airship’s pilot. “I fear to report that a zombie ate them, madam.”

Uncle Albert!” Sylvia placed both hands on her hips. “That better not be you he’s talking about!”

Not now, Sylvia, I’m trying to rescue you,” argued Uncle Albert. He soared the ship higher until within arm’s reach of the three fellows stuck to the ceiling. “Bastiick, Trevor, help me get them down.”

V lifted his legs from the outstretched hands. “What is this contraption you’re pulling us into?”

It’s a flying carriage I developed based on descriptions from my father. Something called a plain.”

A plain what?”

Uncle Albert shrugged. “I don’t know, that was the only word he used. But I based what I understood around common watercraft design and well-” he motioned his hands to encompass the metal “ship” he sat in “-here you go.”

Kill them!” shouted Serena, stamping her feet and jabbing fingers at the new spectacle overhead. “Destroy all of them!”

V, it appears we have little time to debate the matter and I for one-” Deigen paused while Bastiick pulled him from the flat stone ceiling, which somehow emanated a sucking noise as if he were being yanked out of thick mud. He steadied himself to rest on the edge of the tiny leather seat his many-times-great grandson sat in and looked back to the other vampire, “-and I for one would prefer not to be struck down while plastered above the heads of our enemies.”

V hugged the ceiling that trapped him. “I’m not riding in that.”

Well, I am,” said Seth, stretching his legs as much as he could so Trevor could pull him in. Trevor, however, seemed less than thrilled at the prospect of having another zombie in the ship and cringed away. “Um, need a little help here, friend. Magically stuck to a ceiling, can’t exactly jump down to you.”

Trevor, you’re not being very helpful,” groaned Uncle Albert, reaching up higher and pulling Seth down. “Fine, I’ve got the zombie. You get the other vampire.”

Trevor looked up again and gulped.

No, don’t get the other vampire!” snapped V. “Leave me here!”

V, get in the flying metal basket already.” Deigen banged his head slightly against the side of the ship.

I’m not riding in a carriage that’s neither driven by a horse nor a mule! It’s unnatural!” V’s face was unyielding. “No matter what, I’m staying here!”

A flash of what appeared to be lightning from below struck the ceiling and sent V hurtling toward the ship. He crashed onto the seat where a very unhappy Trevor had decided to sit back down; judging from the quivering bottom lip, having a disgruntled vampire with scorched clothes land in his lap was not something that made poor man any happier.

Uncle Albert turned back to face both of them. “If you two are finished being completely uncooperative, perhaps we can continuing trying to get out of here.” He began flying the ship down toward Sylvia. “May I ask why my niece is standing alone amidst danger while the rest of you were simply lounging about on the ceiling?”

V tore off the remains of his still smoking cloak. “It’s not exactly safe up here either.”


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