Once Upon a Time – Chap. 18.3

“Thaddeus, what are you doing?” shrieked Serena, running up to the monster Seth claimed as lunch. She ducked to keep from being knocked down by a flailing tentacle her pet ineffectively tried using to slap the supposed Thaddeus off. “Stop, it immediately!”

The other two Keepers, halfway to the pool with Megan and Arthur in tow, became statues with gaping mouths. “Is he eating that thing?” asked one of them.

V threw his cloak’s hood back. “Indeed, but you will find the watery beast to be more fortunate than yourselves!” He turned to Deigen and held his hand out. At this point, there was an obvious lack of coordination for while Deigen followed suit with an equally dramatic revealing of his face, he became a confused statue trying to figure out why there was a hand stretched out toward him. V motioned toward the wall, finally making the other vampire turn around and realize what the hand was waiting for.

Deigen stared at the two swords lying ornamentally in scabbards on the wall. “How did I not notice these when we came in here?”

“I think the author forgot to mention that bit of decoration earlier,” whispered the guard closest to him.

 “I hate first drafts,” grumbled Deigen, reaching up to grab both swords. As requested, he flung one of them toward his comrade.

This was another moment when V’s impromptu plan proved to have some issues. Having someone throw a sharp and pointy weapon at you from halfway across the room is never a good idea in any circumstance. V quickly came to this realization as, rather than grabbing the sword by its handle, he found his left forearm impaled by its blade. “Aaaggghhh!” he stomped his feet in a circular dance at the unexpected pain.

“Great idea,” Sylvia said to him halfway through his arc. “It’s really too bad neither of you are supernatural creatures with fangs that could be used as weapons or anything. Probably could have avoided that.”

“We can’t bite them, Sylvia, the queen has forbidden harming or killing anyone that way.” V came full circle to face the guards again, with the sword still sticking in his arm. “Right, just a moment here-” he yanked the blade out and held it up at them, “-now, prepare to meet your end!” 

The Keepers standing before him both shook their heads between the cloaked guard trying to eat a monster, the congealed vampire blood crusted blade in front of them, and Deigen now standing on the other side of Sylvia.

“What??” the Keeper on the left asked with the frustration of someone’s mind that’s just had too much to handle in too short a time. “But you vampires are supposed to be dead and-” he flung an arm toward Seth, “-who is that?”

“Thaddeus, remove yourself from that beast now!” yelled Serena, still ducking under thrashing water monster tentacles. She made a pulling motion with both arms, looking like she’d decided to forgo being a Keeper and perform mime. This was magical miming at work, however, and the action yanked Seth off the monster as if he’d had a rope tied to his waist. As he stood up from the fall, his cloak’s hood fell back as well.

“That’s not Thaddeus,” said the Keeper twin on the right. “That person has blond hair.”

The Keeper on the left raised a brow at hair color being the sole factor in identity. “That person is also a zombie, Marius.”

Marius nodded. “Oh yes, that too.”



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2 responses to “Once Upon a Time – Chap. 18.3

  1. I do enjoy the tongue-in-cheek lines you have in the chapters 🙂

    • Thanks so much! 😀

      To be honest, I’m not sure I would ever be comfortable writing something entirely “dark” or serious without a little fun poked around – there’s gotta be a would-be murderer patiently lurking behind the door with a toy knife. Well, maybe not in this story but you get the idea. 🙂

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