Once Upon a Time – Chap. 18.2

Serena,” the Keeper on the right leaned in again. “We must begin.”

Yes.” She nodded in agreement. “So, little dear, what is your decision.”

Sylvia snorted and rolled her eyes.

“Very well,” Serena hissed the words out. She directed her colleagues while nodding toward Megan and Arthur. “Bring the children down closer, I’ll summon the monster.”

As the other Keepers set off to fetch the smallest appetizers for their beast waiting underwater, Serena took three large steps toward the pool. Whether this was a significant number or just as close as she dared to venture couldn’t easily be discerned. Likewise, the hokey hand motions and gibberish uttered in a barely audible tone didn’t look like the proper way to summon a monster or anything else for that matter. But apparently it was for within seconds, the water splashed about while a gargantuan creature emerged.

Ewe, I’m going to be eaten by that?” complained Sylvia, staring at the reddish-brown mound of a creature. It looked like a collection of dirty soap bubbles piled on a slice of her mother’s liver and onions. In the top center of could only presumably be the head was a single giant eyeball that darted about the room hungrily.

The monster’s presence caused the room to revert back to the minor state of chaos that existed prior to the Keepers’ arrival, with all of the guards yelling and trying to press their backs even further against walls. In the case of the soaked guard still standing precariously close to the bubble-liver creature, escape was certainly a priority as he began running to the other end of the room. He was not quite fast enough and ended up being chomped down in a single gulp.

Of all the room’s occupants, however, Seth was by far the most excited. He gave an exuberant jump and practically clapped his hands with glee upon seeing the beast before them.

Deigen raised a brow at the zombie’s joyfulness. “Seth, that thing is what the Keepers want to feed Sylvia and the children to. That’s a bad thing.”

But it doesn’t walk on land!” Seth pointed at the pool, eying the monster with the same hungry stare that matched its own eye as it went back to searching the room. “It lives in water, see? I can’t believe I didn’t think about that before, this is wonderful!”

Oh, right.” Deigen looked back at the monster, now licking its lips from its snack. “That little loophole in the spell, I get it.”

Seth took a bold step forward. “I’m going to eat it!” Though he and Deigen were attempting to continue a conversation of whispers, the zombie spoke with such fevered determination he couldn’t help be overhead by the guard still standing near them. The poor man gave a wary shake of his head and side-stepped away.

Seth, you can’t eat that,” argued Deigen, waving his hand toward the house-sized prey. “It’s at least four times your size!”

You underestimate me, Deigen.” Seth took two more steps.

Seth,” the vampire placed a hand on his shoulder and began speaking like a counselor in the middle of therapy session, “I know you’re a zombie and it makes sense that trying to devour that sea beast alive is the right thing to do now. But you can’t just run up there and-”

As if Deigen had given both the suggestion and permission, Seth ran off faster than anyone in the group had ever seen him move.

Wonderful.” Deigen let out a sigh, watching Seth leap and latch onto the monster’s body. “As if things weren’t already bad enough.”



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  1. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

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