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Sometimes inspiration comes from seeing a sunrise over the lake (I’ve never actually been near a lake at sunrise but I hear it’s rather inspiring. And wet.).  Sometimes it comes when looking up at clouds floating in a perfect blue sky (I usually just see poofy bunny heads or something but I’m sure it’s a more useful inspiration for some).

And sometimes, but perhaps far less often, it comes in a seven-day-old issue of the Midtown Raleigh News. Now, this is one of those free little local papers that shows up in your driveway without any request for its presence so it’s not the likeliest source of inspiration.  That being said, I do like to read through it even though it tends to be a few days (or in this case, a week) after it’s actually been delivered.

One thing I was not expecting when plopping down on the couch with my November 7th issue was to see an article starting on the lower portion of the front page about an author who recently self-published their first novel on Amazon. (Click the link and get to know them!) Now, this isn’t the first fellow blogger or writer I know that’s crossed that officially published finish line and the other folks have definitely been an inspiration too.  But this is someone living in my city, who I first met at a writer’s meetup and have actually spoken to.  One thing I didn’t quite realize is that, to finally become published, they wrote til 3am and whenever they got a spare moment all while holding two jobs and being a parent. That suddenly makes my whining about not having time to write because of my one job sound, well, whiny. And so the article left me with one of those moments of saying “Hey, if they can do that I can too!…Can’t I?”

Now I do have a fair argument on my hand of why there’s simply no time on my hands. I work at a nonprofit in the human services field and we’re short-staffed even when we’re fully-staffed. For a long while, we’ve been actually short-staffed which has made 45 and 50 hour work weeks not uncommon. By the time I come home, I’m usually so tired  and drained the best I can do in regards to writing is drool on the keyboard. This is neither inspiring nor productive.  It also doesn’t help get novels finally published either. While my happy little work in progress is slowing being finished via blog snippets,  my poor Future Memories has been in an endless state of “final editing” for quite a while. It may be able to pass beyond that state if I actually had the time – correction, took the time – to finish tying up the loose threads. One thing that occurred to me after being inspired to kick my writing butt into a higher gear is that I need to give my “final editing” to the supposed finished novel some amount of the same devotion given to the one in the works. Granted that “devotion” usually amounts to a very irregular schedule of sometimes only having a half-hour writing session in the car before going into a work site, but there’s at least a regular schedule to when the next paragraph or chapter needs to be completed (and posted).

So here’s the plan of action: I’ll get up at 5am six days a week and write/edit however much I can on FM until heading off to work. Tomorrow, the work day starts at 7:30 am and it takes me about an hour to get ready in the morning. With the half-hour travel time, that gives me an hour to work on writing. The work day ends at 6:00 pm and I’m sure my mind will be in its now usual anti-writing mode by then but I’ll still have gotten an hour in. And the next day, another one. And then  another – WHOO HOO!!

Ah, but if this plan is to have any success from the start it’s time for me to be catching some Zzzzzzs – so nighty night to all!



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4 responses to “Inspirational Newspaper

  1. I hope you achieve your goal Julie! But make sure you set aside time to have some fun 😉

  2. Wow, Julie! thank you so much for this. How has your early AM writing been going?

    • I’ve been able to stick to it fairly well – though there have been a couple days when I’ve had to either bump the wake up time a bit b/c of working late or just play catchup on the next day. I’m finding one of the obstacles is actually an adorable, furry one – my cat seems to think me getting up earlier should mean an extra hour of playtime.

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