Once Upon a Time – Chap. 17.3

[Hooray! The ick is gone and I’m back to my non-froggy self! So, after a a little healing and recuperation, time to dive back in where we left off!]

Sometimes being rescued means taking matters into your own hands, whether or not you have a fully formed plan. While everyone else continued their pointless discussion with the guard, Sylvia marched toward the pool of water and threw her left shoe into it.

“Oh no!” The group’s friendly guard gasped, pointing at this new spectacle. “What is she doing?!”

“I, eh,-” Deigen shrugged as he watched Sylvia pull off her other shoe and poise to pitch it into the murky water’s depths, “-I don’t know.”

“We have to stop her!” The guard did a hyperactive version of jumping jacks while still pointing. “She’ll wake the sea monster!”

V rushed down to fetch the shoe-throwing magician. Another guard reached the pool first, grabbing Sylvia’s empty hand just as the second shoe splashed in.

“Stop what you’re doing right now!” he demanded in a shrill voice lacking all authority while stepping between her and the pool.

Sylvia thrust her hand free and kicked at him. “No, I’m tired of being locked in dungeons and waiting around! Tell me what you people did with my family and everyone else from my village!”

The guard skipped backward in attempt to escape further punishment from Sylvia’s feet. “You crazy girl, I have no idea what the Keepers did with them! And stop throwing things in the water, you’ll wake that beast up before they’re here to control it!”

Sylvia’s eyes narrowed and without another word, aside from an aggravated howl, she barged into the guard with as much might as she could muster.

The guard’s backward flee had caused him to become precariously close to the edge and he was clearly unprepared for sudden attacks by young, angry women to push him further. When he rose back to the top from his plunge into the water and began trying to swim his way out, his comrades seemed lacking in unity as to the correct course of action. Only one person made suggestion of helping him while another shouted for someone to knock him out to keep the water still; everyone else ran to the ends of the room. V decided it best to take cue from the latter group and slung Sylvia over his shoulder while retreating away as well.

“What are you doing?!” yelled Sylvia, trying to kick her way free.

“Trying not to have you end up devoured by whatever lives in that pool,” V hissed back in a whisper. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to get some answers, which none of you were doing.” Sylvia pummeled his back with her fists. “Put me down, I need to find my family and that means I need to find the Keepers!”

“What is the meaning of all the nonsense I see here!” The voice which managed to boom over the room’s general chaos was both powerful and familiar.

“Looks like you got your wish on one account,” V whispered to Sylvia while setting her down and staring ahead at the woman they’d first met at the castle. “It seems the Keepers have finally decided to make another appearance.”


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