Once Upon a Time – Before the Next Chapter….

It seems I’ve reached one of the treacherous times as we have again approached a crossroads of sorts in completing the first draft of Once Upon a Time as blog posts.

In outline form, there are a few different directions the story goes from here and each possibility has a different effect on the rest of the tale. While this may not sound dangerous, it goes without saying that I can’t post all the different possibilities here. Not only would the story posts be never-ending but I also value your sanity and mine. And so,  I felt it was time for another “choose your own adventure” type of poll!

Now, my luck with using a poll was admittedly not so great last time I tried this route. Not many folks voted and the voting results ended up with a tie between two options. But I’m a fan of things being interactive and feel like giving the polls a go again. Fingers crossed, hopefully we won’t end up with another tie.  For anyone wondering where the lake inhabitants (or as Seth would say, lunch) mentioned in the last poll are, I promise they’re coming up.

What I’m leaning towards for the finished story is to actually have two different versions. It goes without saying that our dear Sylvia and her friends dwell in a land that is at times equally silly as it is dark. While I’m enjoying the balance, there are some ideas which may be a bit too much in either direction to keep that balance. So when it’s all said and done, there will probably be a “light” version and a “darker” one. It will basically be the difference between the bedtime stories we read as children and the real tales spun by the Grimm brothers. Mental note: if eaten by a deceitful wolf lying in your grandmother’s bed, just wait for a huntsman to come by and cut you both out of his belly with a pair of scissors.  If you have a hankering to cozy up into bed with the original fairy tales, National Geographic has you hooked up here: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/grimm/index2.html


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  1. Just for the record, I like the third option. 🙂

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