Once Upon a Time – Chap. 16.6

Heey!” The guard who Seth unsuccessfully tried twice to attack seemed to finally realize his lack of danger from the flesh-eating creature, taking a bold step toward him. “You have a spell on you that keeps you from being able to chomp on people, zombie? So then you can’t do anything about this!” He made a fist and raised his arm to deliver a mighty strike; he likely would have succeeded had the fist not been grabbed by another hand.

The zombie can’t do anything but the vampires can,” Deigen reminded the guard he now held by their raised arm while still clenching the other guard by their cloak. “And the flasks you took away also contained what would have been last night’s dinner and this morning’s breakfast, both of which my stomach tells me are long past by now.” The guards in his grasp apparently decided keeping their mouths shut and growing pale as marshmallows to be the appropriate response to such a statement.

The man still being restrained by V spoke with boldness enough for the whole lot. “You think you can frighten us that easily? We’re guards of the Keepers, they are the only ones anyone should truly be fearful of! And we will gladly risk our lives to ensure that-”

Your flasks are in the artifact room three floors down from here,” interrupted the guard secured by his cloak hood, looking back and forth between the two vampires. “The quickest way there is the stairway on the left at the end of the hall.”

Thaddeus!” The bold guard shouted at him in disbelief. “The Keepers!”

The Keepers can keep themselves, I don’t wanna be become a meal!”

Deigen lowered the arm of the guard who’s fist he held while lifting Thaddeus up higher, making the three appear to be a strange sort of weighing scale. “You said the flasks are in the artifact room, isn’t that where your runaway comrade took the little girl?”

Oh yes, yes!” Thaddeus nodded his neck so quickly that it looked to be made out of a wire spring. “And that’s exactly where we were going to take you so it works out quite well actually. I can lead you there right now, I know exactly where the Keepers are storing the flasks, I can show you, we’ll find them fast, no problem!” His wide-eyed enthusiasm gave way to simply being wide-eyed as both vampires silently stared back in response. “Please don’t eat me.”

The other guard in Deigen’s grasp spoke up with the sound of a request. “Thaddeus?”


Shut up, you’re making me wish the zombie ate me.”

As if taking this as a cue he should try again, Seth lunged forward and bit into the man’s shoulder. The result was the same as before however, with the guard giving a yell resulting more from annoyance while Seth writhed around in pain.

No one is eating anyone,” V assured the guards while giving the unhappy zombie a scolding glance. “If the flasks are as close as you say, than we shall have them in our hands shortly.” He studied the cloaks worn by the three guards with a raised brow. “But I do not think you will be leading us to this artifact room.”

You can’t go down there yourselves,” jeered the guard in his grip. “The Keepers will be expecting three guards to return with both that magician and the little boy.”

V tilted his head toward Sylvia and the squirmy Arthur she still managed to keep hold of. “Three guards will indeed seem to be delivering them soon.” He circled a pointing finger at himself and the other monsters. “But there are also three of us. Those bulky garments of yours should fit well enough while you all enjoy the ambiance of your castle’s dungeon. And imagine how amazing your comrade and the Keepers will think the three of you are for supposedly defeating two vampires and a zombie.”

Thaddeus nodded with reborn enthusiasm. “They’ll think we’re heroes, well, at least until they realize it’s not us. But I’ve never been a hero at all, even supposedly. Wonderful, I like this plan!”

Thaddeus?” The guard held by Deigen echoed his tone from earlier.


Shut up already.”


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