Once Upon a Time – Chap. 16.4

Yelling from the other side of the library door announced the friendly guards had returned.

There’s no one in here,” called out someone, likely from the open entrance to the dungeon down the hall. “Do you think that zombie ate them?” The voice sounded rather hopeful that perhaps this might also mean there was only a stuffed zombie to deal with now rather than a hungry one.

We’re in here!” shouted Megan. She managed to squirm past Sylvia and yank the door open. “In the library, come get us!”

Sylvia tried to grab the children as they rushed past but only succeeded in wrapping her arms around them once out in the hall. Arthur merely struggled forward and dragged her along but Megan was decidedly done being protected and delivered a swift kick to her right thigh. The result was Sylvia quickly finding herself on a backwards fall with Arthur still fighting against her one-armed hold. While Deigen snatched up the child just as he wiggled free, she felt someone’s arms intercede her nasty collision with the stone floor; a regretful whiff confirmed her hero was the zombie member of the group rather than V.

[Apologies for the rather short length of this snippet. After a 59.5 hour work week,  it’s nothing short of magical that I actually succeeded in posting this Sunday!]



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