Once Upon a Time – Chap. 16.1

Finding Deigen and V was far from difficult as the dungeon happened to not only be on the same level as the library Sylvia last saw them in but also just a few doors down at the end of hall. She wondered if they could possibly be in the smallest castle in existence.

Also adding to the ease of finding their remaining comrades was the fact both were, in fact, still in the giant birdcages. The only change the Keepers seemed to have made was moving them to hang directly in front of the library’s enormous circular window, now bathing the room in sunlight.

Why did they put you guys here?” she asked V, shielding her eyes with a hand while peering up at him.

Apparently you weren’t the only one who thought sunlight should have a detrimental effect on vampires.” He sat cross legged in his cage, looking the perfect picture of disgruntlement. “They thought this would be an easy way to kill us.” It was difficult to tell if his mood was more due to the failed murder attempt or having to deal with yet another group of misinformed mortals.

Sylvia took a step closer. “Are you okay?”

I’m trapped in a metal birdcage sitting next to a window during midday like someone’s houseplant.” V remained motionless aside from blowing a stray strand of hair out of his face. “I’m hot.”

Why don’t you two just break out?” Seth pretended to pull apart the bars of an imaginary cage while nodding at the real ones. “You know, bend the metal and hop out?”

Oh yes, Seth.” Deigen kicked at the bars separating him from freedom. “Why didn’t we think of that? Just because we’re vampires doesn’t mean we can break out of absolutely anything.”

Really?” The zombie snorted and crossed his arms. “As far as monsters go, your supernatural strength is a little more natural than I would have expected.”

Sorry to disappoint.” V rolled his eyes. “Please go ahead and free us if you think you can do better.” He snapped his mouth shut, straightening his slouch enough to lean toward Seth. “Wait a minute, how are you here to play judge anyhow? You were in the swamp last time I saw you.”

He dug his way into the dungeon the children and I were in and helped us get out.” As Sylvia delivered her explanation, she could tell she’d only managed to confuse the vampires more. “Megan is under the same spell as Arthur and the only way we got them to leave that place was for Seth to chase them here.”

She waved an arm toward the younger members of the room, both now content to keep a safe distance from Seth while trying to make sideways steps toward the door leading back to the hall. Seth, so far, had managed to keep a couple steps ahead, always stumbling a little further forward or backward as needed to counter the retreat; it gave the appearance of the zombie and children performing some odd choreographed dance.


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2 responses to “Once Upon a Time – Chap. 16.1

  1. I was wondering about your graphics… do you create them? I like the whimsical creativity. 🙂

    • Yes, all of Sylvia’s (mis)adventures are hand drawn, scanned into the computer and then colored using my mighty (yet outdated) copy of Paint Shop Pro. The whimsical quality is probably more due my amateur drawing skills – I’ve found I’m incapable of drawing anything that’s not halfway adorable. 🙂

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