Once Upon a Time – Chap. 15.1

Being trapped in a swinging birdcage was an odd and undesirable experience but Sylvia now found herself in a room that would make going back appealing. Fortunately, she was reunited with the children and her pet monkey. Unfortunately all four were in, as far as Sylvia could best tell, a holding cell of sorts. A floor made of solid earth and mud here replaced the immaculate carpet and wood flooring in the library. Slabs of stone made up the walls, which met a matching stone ceiling overhead. Sylvia guessed it to be mid-morning by now but really couldn’t do more than guess given the absence of windows. Two wall sconces made up the room’s sole light source, planted on opposite sides of a metal door that was the only way leading out. The small wooden box she sat upon was also the closest thing to any kind of furniture. It was as if the room’s builders had felt a need to go out of their way and make the room equally unimpressive and uninviting.

She supposed the vampires were still sitting cozy in their cages by the fireplace, hanging about like two fanged canaries. Bastiick, on the other hand, was now headed back toward the desert. The guards had freed him from his cage at the same time as Sylvia but then left with him to go find the mysterious uncle inventor with a supposed link to another world. Sylvia, for her part, didn’t see why that silly idea would be of such interest nor why she was selected to wait in this room. For that matter, she had no clue what they were waiting for. When asking the children, even Megan now would only speak accolades about the Keepers. The only explanations Sylvia could come up with was there must be something very special about herself and the children or they were just so ordinary, the Keepers wanted to make sure they were out of the way. Either option did not seem like it would end in their favor.


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