Once Upon a Time – Chap. 14.2

What about you? Are you missing any of your belongings?”

Sylvia checked the pockets of her cloak and let out a shriek. “The pendant’s gone!” She whirled around in the cage, suddenly realizing the lack of weight on her back. “And my sack! And Obmuj, where is he!”

I don’t know but it sounds like you’re missing more stuff the rest of us,” said Bastiick. “Not that I can say I really miss the monkey.”

I sure Obmuj is fine, Sylvia.” V held a hand out toward her as if it to ward off the angry glare directed Bastiick’s way. “He’s probably hiding in a tree back at the swamp. The pendant is a concern but it doesn’t do much good unless paired with the other pieces of the puzzle. The bag, well-” he waved the hand dismissively, “-it’s a bag, you can easily replace that.”

But the bag had my spell book in it!” argued Sylvia. “And the pendant does have power on its own, your queen said so!” She let out a long groan and slid down the bars to squat down on the metal floor. “And now whoever took the pendant has that and my spell book too.”

Bastiick rose a brow. “Just what sort of spells did that book of yours have in it to make having it so dreadful?”

I don’t know.” Sylvia shrugged. “It wasn’t really my spell book to start with, it belonged to the magician who stayed with my family. I’ve practiced a few of the spells from the first couple pages and they haven’t been that amazing. Then again, I think those were just warm ups.”

Warm ups?” Bastiick echoed, nodding slowly like warm up exercises in a spell book made perfect sense to him. “Well that’s wonderful. Let’s hope the final chapters don’t involve anything akin to ending the world, I’d rather like to continue living.”

Speaking of fellows not fond of magic-” Deigen looked about the room, squinting his eyes, “-where’s Seth? For that matter, where are the children?”

I have no clue about the children but Seth was still standing when I fell asleep from the darts,” said V. “They struck him too but he didn’t seem to be affected.”

So are they still in the swamp?” asked Sylvia.

V waved his arm around in as large an arc as the cage would allow. “Well, I don’t know but they’re obviously not here.” He let the hand fall down to his side. “Not that I know exactly where here is.”

Looks like we may be in luck,” said Deigen as the doors opened to make way for a woman and what appeared to be three bodyguards. “Here comes someone to enlighten us.”

The woman herself was either royalty or a very fancy dresser, wearing a silk indigo gown trailing down to her ankles, matching elbow-length gloves, and shoes that looked to be made of sapphire. Her tresses were an indecisive blend of red and brown, secured as several braided knots that accumulated into a bun tight enough to make one’s head hurt. The gentlemen behind her were both less impressive and likely more comfortable, bundled in dull brown, hooded cloaks that hid their faces and made them look like walking blankets.


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