Once Upon a Time – Chap. 14.1

Sylvia’s eyes popped open expecting to still see a swamp infested with giant bugs. Instead, she found herself in a room which appeared to be someone’s personal library. Flames danced in a fireplace to the left while a circular window on the right revealed stars peppering the night sky. At the end of the room, a pair of wooden doors with intricate carvings of leaves along the frames sat closed. Filled bookshelves spanning from floor to ceiling claimed nearly every inch of remaining wall space. An ornate burgundy and gold carpet lay under two mahogany chairs with matching pattern and a cream colored coach. Overall, the room itself gave off a cozy ambiance – aside from the fact she happened to be trapped in a man-sized birdcage hanging from the ceiling at the moment.

I do not find this amusing.” V pouted from within the confines of his own personal enclosure, becoming even less pleased as it swung back and forth slightly with his movement.

I don’t think whoever put us in these is going for entertainment value.” Bastiick balanced himself by holding onto one of the copper wires comprising the cages, each the width of a man’s arm, and checked his scabbard. “I also think we have bigger problems to worry about, my sword’s gone. Anyone else lost something?”

V made a frantic inspection of his own scabbard. “Mine is missing too. Deigen do you still have your knives?”

I’m willing to bet the answer is no and-” Deigen continued the last word while giving himself a quick look over “-it appears that I’m right. No knives. Why can’t I win a bet this easily when there’s money involved?” His attempt at humor faded upon further investigation of his person. “I’m also missing one odd thing to be taken. Vandalarius, is your flask gone as well?”

My flask?” V’s face twisted in confusion as he searched. “Yes, it’s gone! Deigen, oh no!” He shared a look of concern with his fellow vampire that seemed to far outweigh the actual loss.

You’re more worried about losing your flasks then the weapons?” Sylvia shook her head at them.

They’re not ordinary flasks,” explained Deigen. “They have a spell cast on them by the queen to make them replenish and become full again each day.”

And we don’t keep water in them,” muttered V, looking back down at his side as if he expected the flask to suddenly appear.

Ah.” Despite being separated from the two monsters by a few feet in the air, Sylvia took an instinctive step away from them in her cage. “I can see how that might become a problem.”

It won’t become a problem for a long while.” V’s voice sounded like he wasn’t any more certain about that than the non-vampires in the room.


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