Once Upon a Time – Chap. 13.2

Sylvia hopped off her mule and rushed to Megan’s side, finding her unconscious. There appeared to be a growing number of unusually large dragonflies as four more claimed a home on nearby trees. “Um, Arthur, do you know anything about these?”

A second ‘ping’ took the boy down before he could answer while a third unfortunately affected Sylvia as well.

We’re surrounded by these things, how are we supposed to fight them?” yelled Bastiick, raising his sword to take down the dragonfly closest to him. A ‘ping’ stopped him before making it halfway there.

It’s alright,” Deigen assured the collapsing body while hopping off his horse to continue the attack. “V and I are vampires, we have supernatural strength and endurance. A few bugs spitting out darts won’t affect us.” Five ‘pings’ later, he rocked back and forth, speaking out to no one in particular. “Never mind, we are affected. It apparently just takes more darts.”

V watched gape-mouthed as his comrade and the horse next to him crashed down. He ran over to Sylvia, trying to duck away from the flying darts, and placed his sword just under her nose. “She’s still breathing,” he yelled out with relief, holding the fogged blade up as proof. “They’re all just sleeping.”

Why didn’t you check her pulse rather than risk cutting her nose off?” asked Seth, glancing down at his left forearm after a ‘ping’ was delivered to him.

What’s a pulse? Ah!” V shot his arm back down after three ‘pings’ marked him just over the elbow.

Living things have a pulse, it has something to do with the heart beating. Sylvia’s uncle rattled off about things like that while the rest of you who can actually sleep were dreaming.” Seth pulled what looked like a glass needle from his forearm. “Great, like I need more wounds that won’t heal.”

Seth-” V waved his other hand toward him while teetering forward, “-you’re not affected!”

Looks like I’m not,” agreed the zombie with surprise. He stepped over as V fell face down in front of him. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” He rolled him on his back just in case vampires needed to breath and looked over at Sylvia’s monkey, huddled down in a pile of leaves. “Well, Obmuj, it looks like it’s just you and me now. Glad to know I’m not alone though.”

The monkey screeched at the darts still shooting around them and attempted to jump up into a nearby tree. A moment later, Obmuj took a nose dive back into the pile of leaves.

Seth let out a long groan while looking over the six people sprawled out around him. “I hate magic. I really hate magic.”


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