Stories by Obmuj – something apparently quite erotic

One of the fairly new features I like about WordPress is being able to view visitor stats by country. Naturally most folks dropping by are from here in the United States and I take all “views” with a grain of salt. I’m certain some of the more obscure locations are likely spammers on the prowl who’ve stumbled upon me.

But then sometimes, there’s just a healthy dose of random.

I took a peek at my stats and found someone from Sweden graced my blog’s welcome mat yesterday. Sweden? Sweden? What in the world would bring someone from Sweden to my bloggy blog? Then I glanced at the Search Engine Terms to see if my new Swedish friend found me by accident. Yep. The poor fellow typed in “Stories by Obmuj” and performed a word search using Yahoo!.  I’m not entirely sure if this person was hunting for stories written by their friend (presumably Obmuj) or if there happens to be a lovely film by that name. I am willing to bet they were not planning to land on a blog in which Obmuj is an adorable pet monkey. My apologies, dear visitor from Sweden.

Now of course my curiosity was piqued. Just where does my blog show up when some random person types in “Stories by Obmuj?”  So I typed the three mighty words and decided to do a Yahoo! search of my own.  I felt a little dirty afterwards. Aside from the first five selections, here’s the middle of the page from my search results:

  1. I wonder what he’d think if he knew that I wrote this story with him in mind. (MMF, wife-sharing, intr, cuck) 4/21/2001 Minister’s Cheating Wife By Obmuj – She was the … – Cached
  2. juliehhicks | Personal Reflections, Random Enlightenment, and …

    … chide me for the fact that there are going to be D&Desque elements to the storyObmuj emitted another whimper and Sylvia suddenly felt two furry arms wrapping around …
  3. Story Erotic Stories
    I wonder what he’d think if he knew that I wrote this story with him in mind. (MMF, wife-sharing, intr, cuck) Minister’s Cheating Wife By Obmuj – She was the pure woman … – Cached

Yep.  I’m right between free sex stories and erotic sex stories (this also seems to be the same story so why not make it free erotic sex stories people?).  I decided to give Google a try. While a search through that engine did not reveal my blog anywhere, there were more then a few suggested links for, which according to the tag lines, is the world’s biggest porn story archive. Oh my.  I’m okay that my blog did not show up anywhere there. Really, really okay.

What have I learned from this? First, do not attempt an Internet search for “Stories by Obmuj” unless I want to possibly venture someplace questionable for both my innocent mind and my computer’s antivirus software.  Second, that Obmuj must be a dirty little fiend.

Bad monkey, BAD!

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