Once Upon a Time – Chap. 11.2

What is it with you and attacking trees, Seth?” yelled V, riding up to him. By the time Sylvia and the rest of the group began following suit, he’d peered in the direction of Seth’s gaze and jumped off his horse. “Seth, stop you’ll scare them!”

After the vampire pushed him away from the base of the tree, Seth finally stopped ‘climbing’ it. “I’m not trying to scare them!” he protested. “I was trying to get them down.”

What are we not scaring and trying to get down?” Deigen curiously looked up the tree himself. “Oh, hello wee little ones!”

Sitting close together and rather precariously on a branch were two young children, a boy and a girl. Their huddle became even tighter upon seeing that a third monstrous creature had discovered them. Meanwhile, Deigen seemed convinced he could cajole them down.

It’s okay, you can come down, we won’t hurt you.” He stretched out a hand to them as if offering it would encourage their descent. “Come on, come on, little ones, come down!” he cooed.

V on the other hand, looked at his two comrades and then considered himself. “Wait a minute, a zombie and two vampires. Of course they’re not going to come down!”

Ah.” Deigen called up to the tree-bound humans, “Good kids, smart kids! Okay, stay there for right now!” He turned, waving Sylvia and Bastiick toward them. “Come on living mortal people, what’s taking you so long? We need you over here!”

Sylvia slid off her mule, leading it toward the tree. “Did I hear you say there’s children up there?”

Seth shrugged. “I suppose you were expecting birds?”

Why are there children up the tree or anywhere else around here?” Bastiick scrunched his face, giving the village another look over. “This place is a ghost town, where did they come from?”

Well let’s get the darlings down and ask them.” V examined the trunk. “It doesn’t look too hard to climb. Bastiick, either you or Sylvia will have to go up after them. If any of us try, they’ll just climb higher.”

What about Obmuj?” asked Sylvia, giving her pet monkey a pat on the head. “All kids love animals and he’s a great climber. I bet they’ll be down in no time if I send him up!”

Deigen regarded the furry creature as it paused at the tree’s base to raise its hind leg and scratch behind an ear. “Bastiick, go up the tree and get the kids.”

Sylvia planted both hands on her hips. “Hey!”

No offense, Sylvia, but-” Deigen raised a brow while Obmuj happily began munching on a snack pulled from its fur. “-if I were stuck up a tree, a flea ridden beast would not be my first choice of rescue.”


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