Once Upon a Time – Chap. 8.5

After devouring everything that swam or crawled along the bottom of the queen’s koi pond, Seth’s fascination and appetite finally subsided. And after cleaning up the mess made and offering a thousand apologies, the queen’s scowl faded.

It’s not your fault, Seth,” she dismissed the zombie’s actions with a sound of resolved aggravation. “Your curse is not much different from ours.” She crossed her arms. “However, you are not like other members of your kind. Sylvia’s spell has given you the benefit of self awareness. I would expect you to try using some will power next time.”

Yes, your Majesty,” said Seth sheepishly.

The queen turned to her vacant pond and waved her hand over it, whispering words Sylvia couldn’t hear well enough to understand. By the time her hand ended its arched journey, the pond was again brimming with fish.

Sylvia stepped up toward the pond’s edge, still unsure whether what she was seeing was real of some kind of illusion. “How did you do that!”

Who cares?” asked Seth with the same amount of excitement as he began leaping toward the pond.

V caught the zombie mid-air. “Seth, I do believe the queen just instructed you to restrain yourself.”

And I will,” promised Seth, flailing his limbs in every direction as though he were trying to swim out of V’s grasp. “Right after I eat those!”

The vampire queen shook her head. “Seth, I fear your efforts in this matter will prove utterly hopeless.” She waved her hand over the water again, making the fish disappear.

V set him down and stepped back while Seth bolted away like a hyperactive windup toy and cannon balled into the pond. Sylvia wished she’d given more space between herself and the pond as well as the front of her cloak was now drenched. Stepping away too late, she found there now existed a small pond in her shoes as well.

Drat! Between catching a cold, work, and  a busy weekend in general it looks like I didn’t officially  make the Sunday deadline since this is posting a few minutes after midnight. My apologies dear readers! I promise to try to keep things more on schedule next time! For now, however, time to drink more OJ and get some shut eye to knock the socks off these cold germies.


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