Once Upon a Time – Chap. 8.3

Roughly an hour after introductions made their completion, Sylvia continued to find her initial impression of vampires to be largely prejudiced from the tall tales of childhood. The Kingdom of Fools was cleaner than any city or town visited before and she couldn’t help but think the air held a faint smell of roses. The other vampire residents she and Seth encountered were quite nice, though she did wish none of them would smile and consequently show their fangs. Also a relief was knowing there was no threat of becoming dinner. Sylvia was quite happy to learn the stable’s animals were the primary source of food, including the red liquid version which was an unfortunate requirement of the vampire diet.

Not surprising was the queen’s avid interest in both Sylvia’s missing village and the stone pendant. After washing up from the stable, she sat down with everyone in a lovely sunroom. Taking contemplative sips from a porcelain teacup, the contents of which Sylvia chose to presume was some form of rooibos tea, her Majesty gave undivided attention to the account of everything before meeting Deigen and V.

And you have this pendant with you now?” She spoke as though confirming suspicion rather than asking a question.

Sylvia lowered her eyes to the inside pocket in her cloak where the pendant lay hidden. “Yes.”

The vampire reached out an open palm hand. “May I see it?”



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2 responses to “Once Upon a Time – Chap. 8.3

  1. Hi! I am nominating you for the Thanks For Writing Award. Please go to my site for picture. WordPress has rules for award.

  2. Thanks so much Thelma! 😀 I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog also – you make creating great poetry look so easy (the best I can do in that area is come up with short rhymes that sound like they should be in a Dr. Seuss book). Not that there’s anything wrong with green eggs and ham.

    I also love how your faith shines strong in your work (“The Image I See” is a great example of that). You have a powerful mastery of imagery and it’s so awesome to see that used to glorify the ultimate Author!

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