Once Upon a Time – Choose Your Own Adventure?

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that while there are several pages typed, Once is a story which threatened to never be finished until the Muse sat on a hot poker and whispered all the details  (if one can resolve to only whispering while sitting on a hot poker). And so, fleshing out the first draft of these adventures via blog has proved to be wonderful experiment.

But oh you, dreaded “writer’s block” – how dare you rear your ugly head!

Actually, I would not go so far as to call this a block but more of an infliction of indecision. Now I won’t lie, I still need to type up what happens next. But which brewing scene to go with is more the question now. If this were a road trip, I’d be sitting in the car trying to choose between taking the next exit to grab a bite to eat, plowing forward to where I’m going, or stopping by that cute antique shop I just passed. It would appear the Muse and I need a little assistance.

I’ve never done a poll but thought this might be a fun way for some of the folks who have been reading along to help choose the next move. All three options listed are destinations I’m planning on the group reaching – but the order of which happens next is the question.  Since, according to the site stats, page views range quite a bit and there are some days when that number is sadly zero, this may also be a dangerous experiment. But Sylvia and I are willing to give it a shot. Whichever option is the voted winner, she and her friends will set their sites on!


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