Once Upon a Time – Chap. 7.4

If there was one positive thing to be said for zombies, it would be their unswerving persistence. Sylvia looked over to find the tall one back on his feet and now charging toward V while the third man approached Bastiick with outstretched arms. The stout fellow almost had the appearance of desperately needing a hug if not for his vacant, crazed eyes and gurgling moans. Deigen was nowhere to be found and she hoped he was making himself useful by catching her runaway mule and cart. Sylvia returned her attention to the more pressing matter at hand directly under her.

What am I going to do about you?” she asked her own zombie companion, still striking his arms aimlessly against the tree. She groaned inwardly while glancing at the spell book, nestled among the dresses she raced from just a moment ago. So far, trying to conjure spells without using the book had turned out like the times she tried cooking without a recipe. Not that having a recipe handy always guaranteed attempts in the kitchen were edible. If she simply waited long enough, Bastiick and the vampires would undoubtedly take care of all the zombies themselves. Sylvia, however, was not one to be patient and certainly not the type to wait around for rescue like some dainty damsel in distress. Still balancing herself with one hand, she raised the other and closed her eyes.

Undead creature hunger no more for those living on land, for the pain you acquire shall be greater than you can stand!”

Sylvia, I don’t think bad poetry is going to prove itself to be a good form of defense!” shouted Bastiick. Sylvia opened her eyes again just in time to wish she hadn’t as she watched the bear hug man’s head fall to the ground from his sword.

That’s not just a bad poem, Bastiick.” V finished off the tall zombie in a similar fashion. “I believe that was a spell.”

That was a spell?” Bastiick repeated like a confused parrot.

That was a spell!” Sylvia made the mistake of putting her hands on her hips and remembered a second too late that she needed at least one of them to keep her balance on the branch. She fell down sideways directly towards the remaining zombie, who now reached both arms up to claim his prize. Instead of the expected aftermath of becoming lunch, Sylvia found herself being gently placed back on her feet. Apparently her spell, however like a mangled nursery rhyme it may have sounded, managed to work.


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