Once Upon a Time – Chap. 7.3

One of the other zombies made a stumbling charge toward them, providing little time for recovery. Sylvia bounded from the mass of dresses with Obmuj in her arms and sprinted to a tree with low enough branches for her to reach up and grab. She tossed the monkey up to a higher branch and began climbing but quickly found the edge of her cloak refusing to cooperate. A glance down revealed a dead man’s hand being the culprit, the grossness of which managed to outweigh any sense of fear.

I just washed this the other day!” yelled Sylvia, holding tight to her chosen branch while jerking the garment from his grip. “Go rot and bleed on something else!” After making her way further up the tree and out of the zombie’s reach, she straddled the branch Obmuj rested on and dared a look down again. The man, formally a blond headed merchant type fellow, beat against the oak’s trunk while flailing his arms about in a swimming motion. Climbing trees did not appear to be an activity zombies particularly excelled at.


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