Once Upon a Time – Chap. 7.2

The tall zombie missing an arm turned out to be the fastest among his comrades, wobbling forward at a velocity quite impressive for someone who shouldn’t be moving at all. He also unfortunately decided to make a beeline for Sylvia’s cart and the mule didn’t like this one bit. On a positive note, potential death seemed to be the needed ingredient in getting the old beast to finally show the spunk and speed Sylvia had been aiming for since leaving her village. This resulted in the mule catapulting their approaching friend in the air with a mighty front kick. On a less positive note, the cart itself was not built for sudden changes of direction. As the mule managed to turn itself around and begin a swift race back toward town, the cart ended up being dragged along on its side. Sylvia was thankful her load consisted primarily of clothing as it provided for a softer landing while she and Obmuj found themselves flung to the ground.


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