Once Upon a Time – Chap. 6.3

None of you are staying so get out.” The desk attendant continued giving everyone the evil eye while releasing a thunderous, gurgled snort from his throat. Sylvia scrunched her face, half-expecting the next action to be spiting a mass of something nasty on the floor. Instead, he began a lazy reach for his book.

Let us stay.” V’s hand landed on the book first and pushed it to the other side of the desk. “Pleeease.” He spoke the last word like a child begging for a cookie before dinner.

Take a hike.” The man narrowed his eyes, leaning closer. “And get your hand off my book before I break it.”

The hand or the book?” called out Bastiick, winching a second afterward from another one of Deigen’s elbow jabs.

We’re staying here tonight,” said V with an authority that at this point was just plain ridiculous. “Get us four room keys.”

Sylvia rolled her eyes. “Look, V, it’s time to know when to quit and-”

Okay, keys are right over here!” The man practically skipped his way to a shadow box key holder behind the desk. He spun around and gingerly held the requested items in an open palm toward V. “Will there be anything else?”

What?” Sylvia’s head whirled to stare at the vampire’s overly cheerful new best friend.

Why didn’t you just do that when we got here?” complained Bastiick while crossing his arms.

V turned and raised a brow. “Because some of us have manners. Put it back.”

Bastiick shrugged. “Put what back?”

Deigen wrestled a coin out of one of Bastiick’s tucked hands and tossed it toward V, who managed to catch it while still displaying a disapproving glare. “I believe this was on the floor by the entrance, which means it belongs to him not you.” He slapped the coin down on the desk in front of the desk attendant who still appeared gleefully trapped in a daze.

He wouldn’t have missed it,” argued Bastiick, holding a hand out for one of the keys. Sylvia bounded forward and pushed the extended arm out of her way.

What did you do, V?” She stomped in front of the vampire and crossed her arms. It was an act that would have perhaps succeeded in being more menacing if Obmuj had not decided to hop on the desk and perfectly mimic her.

V nodded at the man while accepting the keys from him and passing them out to the rest of the group. “Nothing that will cause permanent damage, I promise. But he won’t stay that way for long and it would be best if we’re not here when he becomes grumpy again.” He tossed the last key in his hand to her and reached into his pocket, pulling out a handful of coins. “Though grumpy or not, I’m certain this business is his livelihood.” He counted out what Sylvia considered to be a rather generous payment for the rooms and strolled towards the staircase.


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