Once Upon a Time – Chap. 5.2

You say your uncle lives in the East Desert. That’s actually where Deigen and I used to call home as well. Have you ever heard of the Kingdom of Fools?”

Sylvia yawned and rolled her eyes. “Only from legends about a battle that never happened.”

A battle that did happen.”

An entire city cursed to by six corrupt magicians?” Sylvia laughed, giving Obmuj a scratch behind the ear as the monkey curled up into a ball on the seat to take a nap. “A handful of magicians couldn’t do anything like that.”

A handful of magicians once ruled over these parts, little maiden. And they did so because nearly everyone in the land was terrified to stand up against them.”

“Except for one great city that refused to remain in fear!” Deigen’s sudden arrival to Sylvia’s other side was almost as startling as the fervor in his voice compared to V’s solemn soliloquy. “From it, a band of heroes rose up when the six least expected it and destroyed their precious magical artifacts, stripping their power just long enough to-” he took a deep breath to continue “-gain the upper hand and free everyone from their tyranny!”

“Which was wonderful except that two of the magicians survived the fight long enough to exact their revenge on that city,” added V, again with a tone that better matched the sleeping monkey snoring away next to Sylvia. “And they thought it a grand idea to turn everyone from there into fanged monsters cursed to drink the blood of living things.”

“And immortal,” piped in Deigen. “Don’t forget undead and immortal.”

“Which one of us is telling this story?” asked V.

Deigen put his chin up, crossing his arms. “I tell it better.” A silent stare from V only caused him to grin and to turn his horse back toward Bastiick.

V sighed. “Where was I?”

“I have no idea where either of you were.” Sylvia shook her head. “You’re both spewing fairy tales. Vampires are from the legendary Kingdom of Fools? And you’re cursed to be forever living bloodsuckers because of two measly magicians? Seriously?”

“Well where do you think vampires originated if you know everything?”

“From bats.”

“Bat?” V rose a brow. “How so?”

Sylvia guided the mule away from a pothole in the road that would have likely claimed one of her wheels. “By being bitten by one of course. Everyone knows if you get bitten by a bat, you turn into a vampire.”

V gave Bastiick an amused glare. “Bats eh? I don’t suppose you would have anything to do with that rumor?”

“I never told anyone vampires came from bats,” argued Bastiick while fighting off a fit of laughter. “Though I may have mentioned you turn into them before flying home at night.”

“Wonderful, Bastiick.” Deigen let out a long groan. He pointed at the chuckling man with his thumb while speaking to Sylvia. “I believe you can credit most of the current misguidance regarding our kind to this tale giver.”


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