Once Upon a Time – Chap. 5.1

Sylvia snapped the reins to get her old mule in motion, receiving a disgruntled snort before the cart wheels began creaking forward. Making a slow progression down the cobblestone street, she was relieved to be heading in the direction of her destination again. It would have been more of a relief if her friends from the tavern had decided to stay in the tavern.

Tell me again why you’re following me?” she asked V, glaring at all three members of her new company.

We are not following, we are accompanying.” He sounded slightly hurt while delivering his correction. “You are a young lady unwise in the ways of these streets and you have a long travel ahead of you. What kind of people would we be if we allowed you to saunter off into potential danger again by yourself?”

Keep me safe from potential danger?” Sylvia shook her head, rolling her eyes. “You want to keep my pendant safe from danger.”

That too.”

What’s so special about it that I need three bodyguards?”

V extended his hand toward her. “Let me see it again.”

“No.” Sylvia gave the reins another snap, trying quite unsuccessfully to move ahead of the younger and apparently faster steads of the others. “You saw it well enough just a while ago.”

He sighed and directed his horse closer to the cart, staring at Sylvia as though her eyes were suddenly extremely interesting. “You will hand me the pendant so I can see it again.”

“No, I will not hand you the pendant, you big oaf!” Sylvia reached behind her and threw an evening gown at him from her arsenal of dresses. “And back off, you still smell like that stinking tavern.”

V struggled briefly to free himself from the garment before obeying the order. He seemed rather perplexed that she hadn’t also complied with his command, whirling his head around to Deigen with a look of confusion. The other vampire simply gave his friend a shrug in response.

“Fine.” V threw the gown back at the cart. “I can begin my history lesson without your little rock.”


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