Once Upon a Time – Chap. 4.2

As Sylvia opened her mouth to answer, an annoyed grumble took center stage. It wasn’t from her own voice the strange sound originated and she pulled one side of her cloak tighter across her shoulder even while Obmuj fought to free himself. She had been afraid to leave him outside but certain any bartender would object to a monkey being in their tavern. It seemed, however, that Obmuj objected even more to being placed in hiding.

Deigen nodded at the pulsating portion of her cloak. “I believe your left shoulder has something to say.” He spoke as though it was a common occurrence she simply needed to be made aware of.

Sylvia gave up keeping the furry whiner a secret entirely and opened the front of the cloak to let Obmuj loose. He landed on the table’s edge and immediately spotted the remaining piece of Bastiick’s bread, rushing over and grabbing it before Sylvia could stop him.


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