Once Upon a Time…

Time for an experiment.

I stumbled upon the idea of blog books today and the characters in my ever brewing Once Upon a Time jumped for joy. This is one of those projects that has 40 plus pages typed up but threatens to never reach the finish line. So, here’s the experiment: chapter by chapter, Once will be completed via blog style. Reading whole chapters as a blog entries would be a bit much (not to mention give me less time to write up what’s not already in the 40 plus pages) so I’m going to break things down into snippets at a time. And since there’s some days where I don’t even make it to the computer before it’s near time to throw on the pajamas and slippers, lets go with weekly updates for this (every Sunday evening).

Ah yes, the general plot: A would-be magician finds herself on a mission to (perhaps) save the world, teamed with two vegetarian vampires and a zombie whose flesh-eating vices are solely devoted to live fish. Together, they deal with a fair bit of danger, escape certain death a couple times, meet royalty they rather wish they hadn’t, and make other friends (and foes) along the way.

My husband will probably chide me for the fact that there are going to be D&Desque elements to the story despite the fact I only do rare cameos in his games. Actually, the end product will likely be part sci-fi/fantasy, part humor, with a little Wrinkle in Time mixed in. All in all, this should be interesting. Comments definitely welcome – particularly if the chapter snippets get confusing.

Thanks for reading and joining in the adventure!



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2 responses to “Once Upon a Time…

  1. I’ve only read a little so far, though I plan to continue. Very fun story!

    And I’m doing the whole novel-by-blog-posts thing as well. It’s nice to have content so readily available for readers (though, admittedly, I’m still trying to build a base).

  2. Thanks so much, Miwabo! I just got done reading the first 3 chaps of The Piper Concept – will definitely follow along.

    As far as building a base, well, I’m actually still working on that myself. You can set posts to auto-publish on places like Facebook and such, that’s helped me a little. Mainly, just blog/write because you enjoy to – that’s more important that page views. 🙂

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