I consider myself a fairly safe Internet surfer. I keep my anti-virus software up and current. I don’t open emails when the subject line tells me I’m a winner or the sender seems to think I have a penis. I generally try not to click on potentially dangerous links. And yet, my beloved PC was ravaged by a nasty virus this past week. Thank goodness for flash drives and back up files! I would almost give similar praise for my husband’s laptop if not for the fact that the touch pad mouse keeps driving me nuts. (Yes, I know you can normally hook up a PC mouse to a laptop – my beloved computer also happens to be a bit of an odd bird in that the mouse and keyboard are not the USB type).

What gives virus people? You obviously have the intelligence and creativity to do things that will change people’s lives. Unfortunately, that change usually involves someone like me having to consider re-formatting their whole system or somebody’s grandmother entering their credit card number in one of your bogus scam screens.  Would it be so terrible to use your techno-wonder gifts of code for good? Do something other than infect my hard drive! Create a virus that sends pictures of kittens to terrorists. Teach computer mojo skills to elementary school kids. Make everyone’s computer greet them and say something nice each day. Actually, scratch that last one – by day three it would be annoying. Not as annoying as a virus-ridden pop up telling me I just won a new iPhone every other minute, but close.


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