Dry Erase Board?

Back when I was living in the glamorized closets called dorm rooms, one of my roomies and I had a dry erase board prominently front and center on our door. I think just about every college kid dwelling in Dorm Land did likewise. The original idea was one of practicality; it was like having a forever sticky note one could use to leave a message with. But our forever sticky note tended to hold not only secretarial type messages like “hey, your mom called” but also quotes. Philosophical quotes full of wisdom? No. No. Our quotes were the half-heard snippets of conversations we happened to encounter while walking down the hall, waiting in line, or whatever else the typicality of life threw at us. They often made little to no sense, even to us, but made us smile. In short, they made the typicality of life a little less typical. We would also leave long, paragraphs of information for each other sometimes. It was like our dry erase board was the non-instant version of IM.

It occurred to me that in most blogs when the author is spouting their own personal thoughts down, it’s pretty much like the dry erase board concept my roomie and I developed. There’s a topic of sorts but the general attitude is more geared to just filling the reader in on whatever is new regarding a project, a particular subject of interest, or just life.  And sometimes, like our random quotes, it’s a short filler that could just as easily be a “tweet” or Facebook post. THIS dry erase board will be for  all those things that are not an actual story. It is intended to be the bloggiest part of this blog. So, in this category, expect daily or weekly revelations, personal musings, and perhaps even a random quote I heard that makes no sense but makes you smile.


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